About - Cody Onthank

About Cody

Born and raised in rural Idaho, attending college in Washington, now residing in Oregon, Cody Onthank truly is a product of the Northwest.

Cody began exploring film photography as a child. In high school, his father gave him his first SLR camera which opened up so many opportunities to expand this developing love. In college Cody perused graphic arts and design. While he took a few photography and darkroom courses, it was not a main focus. While still attending school, he was hired on at an ad agency where he designed and programmed mostly for web. It was at this point that a winery client asked for suggestions on local photographers. With no studio experience, Cody offered to help. This was a much loftier goal than he could have imagined. Glass reflects everything! He worked through the problems one by one until he came up with a set of photos presentable to the client. Looking back, these images left so much to be improved!

Since that day in 2005, product photography has been his sole endeavor and passion. Captured by the technical precision needed, both in camera and lighting, has led him to a place of near obsession. Now, whether capturing glass, metal, liquid, or even human skin, he only sees singular planes of individual angles.

Combining his love of and history in the wild, Cody also peruses images of outdoor adventure. This has taken him clear across the country right back to his local crag to capture the widely acclaimed climbing photos of the 2017 Great American Eclipse.

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